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North Devon Biosphere BioCultural Heritage Tourism Eductour

​In the spring of 2021 NDMI was approached by the North Devon Biosphere to work on some films for their BioCultural Heritage Tourism Eductour. The films were to help bring to life some of the experiences in the Eductour programme of events for those unable to attend in person. Here are the five films North Devon Moving Image created for the North Devon Biosphere Eductour.

Charcoal Kiln Experience This film explores the process of charcoal-making using a portable kiln, while underlining the benefits it provides to woodland management in North Devon, opportunities for local landowners to generate an income during the winter months, and offer an alternative eco-tourist experience away from North Devon’s crowded coastline.

Traditional Stone Building Traditional stonemasonry is a dying profession. Our interview with Devon Heritage Skills stonemason, Chris Hayes, captures the wild beauty of North Devon’s moorland and draws attention to the skills required to maintain and repair the miles of heritage stone walls bordering our fields and wild spaces, in the traditional Devon Style.

​The Lynton and Lynmouth Water-Powered Cliff Railway As well as getting to ride the famous funicular and film it in operation, we got to learn about the unique carbon-neutral mechanics that drive the Lynton and Lynmouth Water-Powered Cliff Railway. Ashley Clarke, General Manager and Engineer at the Cliff Railway, talked us through the funicular’s history, explaining how it provides truly sustainable and carbon-neutral transport to hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. We also got to spend time with Railway Supervisor, Adam Collier, who allowed us privileged close access to film the mechanics and maintenance of the railway cars.

​Wicked Wolf Handcrafted Heritage Gin It was an absolute privilege to be welcomed by Jules and Pat to the Wicked Wolf Gin Distillery where we filmed the creation of their handcrafted gin, made entirely from ingredients sourced around North Devon. Situated in a stunning location on the edge of Exmoor, the story of Wicked Wolf Gin is an enchanting one. And one that highlights the many hidden secrets that North Devon has to offer those willing to adventure around and explore across our beautiful region.

Nature Backpacks Offering visitors to North Devon more than just coastline to enjoy was a big driver behind the North Devon Biosphere BioCultural Heritage Tourism Eductour project. That’s why we chose to film this interview at RSPB Chapel Wood, a stunning tract of woodland on the outskirts of Braunton. The nature backpacks initiative is one that provides local accommodation providers with kit bags full of kit to help inquisitive visitors explore North Devon off the beaten track.

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