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About Us

North Devon Moving Image

North Devon Moving Image CIC (NDMI) is a community film making organisation working with local people to create, collect and share short films which enlighten, inspire and entertain.

By engaging with the people of North Devon we empower them to tell their stories to local, national and global audiences. Our projects connect people and communities with each other, their environment and their heritage.
NDMI is:
1. Managing community arts and local heritage projects.
2. Building a short film collection; stories of local social and environmental heritage.
3. Creating opportunities for people of all ages to develop key skills in film making and digital media.
4. Enabling people to improve their communications skills, self esteem, confidence and sense of belonging.

The History of NDMI

North Devon Moving Image CIC (NDMI) was founded by Amanda McCormack in 2013.  The organisation was born after Amanda  attended a screening of local archive newsreel films and home movies in the North Devon Movie Bus (a renovated 1960s Ministry of Technology mobile cinema). 

As a real nostalgic who is obsessed with watching archive film footage,  Amanda pondered on what future generations would make of the life we are living now.  It occurred to her that it is paradoxical how we gather so much video footage on cameras and smart phones but there are less publicly accessible watchable films as most people record video but do nothing with it.  

Although we have regional archives for moving image there was nothing like this for the very distinct region of northern Devon.  Neither was there much provision for film making learning and production in the area.  Over the years NDMI has succeeded in addressing these issues and producing a varied, entertaining, enlightening and inspirational archive for the future.

Company Information
The Team

The People of NDMI

Gareth Alvarez

Creative Director

Nik NDMI Profile Pic.jpg
Nikki Alvarez


Martin Mather


Rob Whitney
Mission Statement

Our Mission

North Devon Moving Image (NDMI) will work with local partners to create, collect, curate and share contemporary short films made in and about North Devon*.

​We aim to work with local partners, communities, groups and individuals, seeking out the untold stories alongside the everyday 'taken for granted' events which we will look back and marvel at in the future.

Our collection of short films will enlighten, inspire and entertain and we will empower local people to tell their stories, learn new skills and protect their heritage. 

1. NDMI will:

a. create, collect, commission short films to provide content for the archive
b.  manage the day to day administration of the company and the project
c. facilitate and coordinate production of new content for the archive
d. promote the work of the archive
e. safeguard financial and technological sustainability
f. maintain a high standard of content and technical quality
g. guarantee free access to the archive
h. work collaboratively with partners for the benefit of the north Devon community

2. The archive will:

a. celebrate cultural heritage 
b. document local history 
c. provide a research facility
d. enlighten
e. entertain
f.  inspire

3.  The process of film making will:

a.  strengthen communities
b.  bridge the gaps between generations and social groups
c.   engage local people
d.   provide channels of communication
e.   provide opportunities for training and skills development
f.   provide volunteer opportunities
g.  increase mobility of people, ideas and information within the       communities of North Devon
h.  enable participation
i.   encourage community cohesion
j.  allow people to learn from the past to benefit the future
k.  provide work for local people and companies

*  In this context north Devon is understood to comprise the area within the boundaries of North Devon's Biosphere Reserve.

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