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  • Rob Whitney

New Direction

It’s always difficult to announce yourself. And it’s awkward to talk about yourself in the third person.

So, how do you go about letting people know that there has been a change in directorship at North Devon Moving Image CIC (NDMI)?

Introducing NDMI’s New Creative Director

I’m Gareth Alvarez, the new Creative Director at NDMI.

Earlier this year, when Mandi announced she was stepping down as Creative Director and searching for a new leader to take the organisation forwards, I jumped at the opportunity.

Over the past seven years, Mandi has done exceptional work with NDMI. She has run some amazing projects, told some beautiful stories, and given people across North Devon both a voice and a platform to express themselves through film.

She has also left some huge shoes to fill.

But, it’s also an opportunity to develop and build upon the work she has already done. A chance for a fresh face to take NDMI in a new direction, while keeping true to its values and overall mission: to deliver arts and heritage projects and produce short films which inspire, enlighten and entertain.

And this is what I intend to do.

So, who am I? And why has Mandi willingly handed over her baby to me?

Well, I am the Head of Media at The Ilfracombe Academy. So taking up the Directorship at NDMI felt like a natural step for me. Another way to provide young people and the wider community with access to film and its potential to inspire creativity and tell important stories.

As Head of Media, I have always sought opportunities for my students to gain real-life filmmaking experience. Having previously submitted student work for Mandi’s Wild Shorts Competition, I have experienced NMDI’s potential as a wonderful vehicle to support young people’s education in North Devon through film. And this is something that I aim to develop further.

I love filmmaking and the creative process. I love working with young people, and people in general, to help them discover the possibilities and potential that film has to offer. And I want to channel this through NDMI.

We’re Going This Way

​So, as the new Creative Director at North Devon Moving Image my personal mission will be:

  • to provide access to film and filmmaking support for people in North Devon;

  • to support education through film;

  • and to create opportunities for people through film.

In short, my vision is for NDMI to represent and champion Film For All in North Devon.

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